Solar DC Power house

We offer a versatile and customizable Solar DC Powerhouse which can power any of the following:

1) LED Tubelight (4W / 7W / 14W)
2) DC Table fan/ DC Pedestal fan
3) Mobile Charger

This system is a cheaper substitute for Inverter and is extremely useful during powercuts.

The Solar DC Powerhouse comes in two varieties - Basic & Premium. We use high quality Lithium Ion batteries which also makes it light weight and easy to carry.

Features: Solar DC Powerhouse - Basic (ARSPH01)

  • 2 Nos 4W LED light (4 Hrs) OR 1 No 7W LED light (4 Hrs)
  • Table fan/Pedestal Fan
  • Optional: Mobile charger
  • Solar Panel: 10W 12V /20W 12V
  • Battery: 2200 mAh 12V Lithium IOn battery (equivalent to 4.5 Ah 12V Lead Acid battery)

Features: Solar DC Powerhouse - Premium (ARSPH02)

  • 2 Nos 4W LED light (8 Hrs) OR 2 Nos 7W LED light (8 Hrs) OR 1 No 14W LED light (4 Hrs)
  • Table Fan / Pedestal Fan
  • Optional: Mobile charger
  • Solar Panel: 20W 12V /40W 12V
  • Battery: 4400 mAh 12V (equivalent to 7.5 Ah 12V Lead Acid battery)
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ARSPH01

Home Solar Power System

We offer high quality DC Solar Lighting systems which are energy efficient and easy to install. Depending on customer requirement, the back-up time (running hours per day) can range from 2-3 Hours/day to 12 Hours/day and more. The system includes DC LED tubes (5W/9W/16W),  able/pedestal fan and mobile charger


  • Solar panel: 40W/80W (depending on back-up required)
  • 26 Ah Battery
  • Charge controller
  • LED tube lights light (5W/9W/16W)
  • 12 inch table fan OR 16 inch DC pedestal fan (with oscillation)
  • Extended back-up possible in daytime