Manufacturer and supplier of solar led lights, solar lanterns, and solar street lights. Offers  solar home fans in tarnaka hyderabad. With the help of our experienced engineers, we are able to design and develop a wide range of Solar rechargeable fans. The product range includes Solar table fans, Solar pedestal (Stand) fans, and solar wall fans. Within each of these categories we offer wide choice to customer in terms of back-up time ranges from 3-4 Hrs/day to 10-12 Hrs/day and also optional features such as led lights and mobile chargers.


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Solar Table Fan


  • Table fan size: 12 inches
  • In-built battery and charge controller
  • Solar panel: 10W/20W/40W (depending on back-up required)
  • Back-up: 3-4 hrs & 5-6 hrs,
  • Speed controls: Low & High modes
  • Optional: LED light (5 W)
  • Optional: Mobile charger
  • Extended back-up possible 

Price range : Rs.3,900 - 8,000

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Solar Pedestal Fan

Features :

  • Fan size: 16 inch D.C pedestal fan (with oscillation)
  • Power: 22 watt
  • Battery: 26 Ah 
  • Charge controller
  • Solar panel: 40W/80W (depending on back-up required)
  • Optionals: LED light (5 W/9W), mobile charger
  • Extended back-up possible 

Price range: Rs.11,500 - 15,500