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Solar Cooker

We offer Solar Cooker (Box type) that helps to cook food using Sun Light without wasting polluting fuels like Gas and Kerosene. Apart from being highly environment friendly, the unique benefit of the solar Cooker is HEALTHY FOOD. Due to the slow cooking method adopted by the solar cooker, all the NATURAL NUTRIENTS of the food are fully preserved (unlike in conventional cooking where the nutrients are destroyed). Food cooked in solar cooker also has great taste due to slow cooking.

All food items that are prepared in normal pressure cooker can also be prepared in Solar Cooker. In addition, the solar cooker can also be used for various other uses like roasting peanuts (the taste is said to be exquisite), making ghee from butter, etc.



  • Box type cooker with 4 bowls (1 liter each)
  • Saving in cost of Cooking Gas
  • Can cook almost all food items in 2-3 hours
  • Healthier and tastier food due to slow & natural cooking

Price: Rs.4,500/ piece