about us

Arkavani Solar Living is a one-stop shop for wide range of solar products that showcase various applications of solar energy in our daily life. We design and manufacture solar products & appliances that combine Solar Power with Energy Efficiency. We are committed to the promotion of solar products & technologies through product innovation, quality and customer support. Our business activities include product design, manufacture, marketing and after-sales support of solar products. 'Arka' in Sanskrit means Sun, and 'Avani' means Earth. The name 'Arkavani' literally means Solar Land. It conveys the fact that the Earth owes its existence to the Sun, indeed Sun is the source of Life and all forms of Energy in the Earth.

our vision

Large sections of the global population are suffering from shortage of power. At the same time, the conventional energy sources are fast depleting and an environmental catastrophe is looming large. There is an urgent need to tap solar energy to address the growing needs of future generations without destroying the environment. If everyone in the society starts using a little bit of solar energy to cover a fraction of their energy needs, it will mean a huge leap towards sustainable future. To realize this vision, we aim to provide smart, reliable and affordable solar products to meet the needs of common people. Innovative product design and use of energy saving appliances/ technologies are key to realizing this vision.